Best Way To Contact Other Website Owners?

As a blogger, I search for website owners frequently. Building a mutual professional relationship with website owners is my key to be in the business. If you are an SEO expert, communicating with the website owners help you to enhance your business. Besides, there can be enough of other reasons to contact a website owner for people.

Reasons for contacting other website owners:
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– Getting the backlinks offers
– Seeking for guest article profile
– To buy a particular domain
– Complain reading plagiarism
– ORM related grievances
– Requesting for removing some links
– To build a business relationship
– No matter, what is your reason; it is not difficult to do website communication if you know whom to approach and how to approach.

Imagine you want to contact a website owner that does not have a “Contact Us” page. Or, you looked for a website owner and he has a proxy listing in Sometimes, you know the address, but website owners are not responding to your mail. These situations boil your blood or increase your blood pressure as it happens to me many times.

So what are the ways to track down contact of website owners? Let me decrease your burden a little with the information of some great resources.

Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?Google has the answer to all your queries. is a Google search engine that helps you to track down the webmaster. You can visit the website and can perform Whois.

You need to enter the website address registered to Google. Whois gives you the email address to contact the website owner.

If even after Whois search, the webmaster is hard to contact, you can plead to web hosting company for the help.

2. Whois History
Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?Let say, you look for the contact information of a website owner in Whois. What would you do if the contact information were private?

Well, here comes the role of Whois History. Sometimes, at the time of registration, webmasters do not make their registration private. Later on, they change it into private registration.

Using Whois history, you can look for the old records. This way, you get the accurate information of the website owner.

Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?It is one of the best places to look for website source code. If you have an Analytics Id or an AdWords Id of the webmaster, NerdyData can find the other websites with the same id for you.

You can get clues about the person or other website address where you look for the person.

4. Buzzstream
Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?Buzzstream is another great tool to look for the contact information of website owners. Once you found any contact information about the webmaster, you can run the information here.

Buzzstream will find other data like social media accounts or email address or contact pages of the same for you. It increases your horizon for website communication.

5. Google Search
Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?If you are not comfortable with the technical tools, you can perform email search on Google search engine. You can try these below:

Suppose you are looking for the email contact information for the website owner of, type “*” in the Google search, and you might get some valuable information.
“dot com” is also a nice option. Sometimes, webmasters spell the address to shun down scuffing software. You might get lucky and find the email address.
6. Social Media
Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?Social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram are also the best places to contact the website owners. You can comment on their post and wait for their reply. Also social media can help you with your own website promotion.

The only hindrance is that you cannot tell them your reasons for the communication on the open forum. You have to rely on their revert.

There are many other resources and tools like,, etc. to help you find the contact of website owners. You can also use Rapportive hack tools to track down the address.

Website Communication
Best Way to Contact Other Website Owners?Finding the address of the website owner is an easy task. Irrelevant of the tools you use, convincing the website owner to listen to you is the actual milestone.

Famous website owners receive more than 10 emails daily of various issues. Many times, they do not even read the mail and delete that.

So, what could be the correct writing method to gain the attraction of website owners? Whenever I contact any website owner, I try the straight approach. My email subject is always concise and easy to understand. Let’s learn some obvious facts about website communication.

Make a draft first and write all the points you want to discuss.
Focus on your list and chose topics that must be in your mail
Now choose the subject. You cannot be pushy. You cannot sound desperate.
Be honest and straightforward. Do not play with words. The person you are mailing is already in the business and can smell buttering.
Your e-mail must be open-ended. Always put some points that need further discussion.
Give a win-win situation to the website owner.
Do not forget to write specific information like your name, your contact address, etc.
Final Thoughts:
There are many ways to contact a website owner. It all depends upon how technical perceptive and smart are you. Website communication is an art. You cannot randomly write a letter to a website owner and accept well out of it.

If you are looking for backlinks, remember, these days, they are not freely available. You have to pay the price. If you are looking for guest blogging, do not expect a freeway. Professional website communication is highly competitive. A website owner receives many paid offers in a day. Use resources and tools I have discussed here and let me know, how lucrative you can be with your website communication.